Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Rockwired Radio Profiles #653 - One Less Reason

History has proven that a lot of time some of the best rock music is fueled by a single. solitary vision and not so much compromise. Early on in his career CRIS BROWN saw the detriments of working as a group and seeing the music suffer due to line up changes and whatever the hell else that gets thrown in front of a band these days. In 2003 he began recording as ONE LESS REASON. Setting his music apart from most active rock fare is BROWN's approach to telling an engaging story through song with his assured delivery, musicality and know-how when it comes to working the recording console. For five albums now ONE LESS REASON has garnered some impressive sales with all five albums in their impressive catalog and BROWN is on the verge of releasing ONE LESS REASON's sixth album THE MEMORIES UNINVITED and to paraphrase BROWN -"...if this were to be my last album I would be so happy with it!"  While we hope to hear more from ONE LESS REASON in the future we must agree that THE MEMORIES UNINVITED is definitely something to feel proud of. It's meaningful approach to hard rock never comes off heavy-handed and BROWN cleverly shows the world that he's got something. Check out the single WHERE WERE YOU?.


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