Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Rockwired Radio Profiles #652 - 18th & Addison

KAIT DIBENEDETTO and TOM KUNZMAN are a dynamic duo in every sense of the term. DIBENEDETTO first experienced fame through MTV's TOTAL REQUEST LIVE with her band JUST KAIT and has maintained her chops as the guitarist for the band WHAT'S EATING GILBERT. KUNZMAN was formerly in the band A CRIMINAL RISK. 18TH & ADDISON was born out of two guitarists wanting to get their yah-yahs out creatively and results of their decision to join forces was the 2015 EP LITTLE PARASITES. Now they have released their brand new album MAKESHIFT MONSTER. "We're so excited!" exclaims DIBENEDETTO. "It's funny because we were super proud of the EP that we released a couple of years ago but we've had all of these songs that we've written since that release. These songs have been brewing in our brains and have kind of been sitting for a while so it's great to finally bring those songs to life on this album and record them and finally make something of them. That is super-exciting for us.  We got a lot off of our chest with this album. It's a step up from what we used to do."


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