Sunday, February 12, 2017

Mark Reitenga - Rockwired Radio Profiles #684

We've stated before that we have a gentler side at ROCKWIRED and we don't mind letting people know about it when we come across an artist that ain't exactly one inspired by the heavier sounds of bands like BOBAFLEX or ZEROKING. Michigan-based singer-songwriter MARK REITENGA showcases a kinder, gentler and genteel style of of delivery and performance on his brand new EP UNSUNG but in no way does that mean that his music is benign. The opening bluesy, acoustic song DETROIT CITY BLUES speaks of a city in decay that deserves way more than the buzzard luck that it's been suffering in the past decade. ARE YOU WAITING is a whimsical ballad with a longing, yearning and anticipation that can be heard in every single note and ANGELS WATCHING OVER ME is probably one of the most joyous songs on the subject of divine intervention that we've heard since EURYTHMIC's THERE MUST BE AN ANGEL (PLAYING WITH MY HEART) without all of the cloying sweetness or a bunch studio wizardry. UNSUNG is pure and simple in a time when everything is crass and complicated and it's a welcome surprise. If you hear this guy in a coffee shop you're going to want to stick around and listen.