Monday, January 30, 2017

Lucid Fly - Rockwired Radio Profiles #683

Lately the EP has been king in a musical environment where people want their music in easy to swallow snippets. Even some rather ambitious acts that have come ROCKWIRED's way have have been doing more with less by releasing EP's as opposed to LPs.  We're not ready to write off the LP as a dying art form and neither is the progressive rock band  LUCID FLY. After releasing a steady stream of EP's the band has released their first ever LP BUILDING CASTLES IN AIR.  The epic scope  and narrative that typifies progressive rock  has alwasy lent itself swell to the long play format and  LUCID FLY make excellent use of the time and space. The album's first single VISIONS OF GRANDEUR  sums up the trio's musical agenda with intricate guitar work. fevered yet measured drumming and multi-layered vocals artfully delivered by vocalist NIKKI LANE.  


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