Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Blood Of Angels - Rockwired Radio Profiles #682

What a difference three years and a couple of STAR WARS movies makes! Back in 2014 We first became acquainted with guitarist AARON ROBINSON when his band FORESHADOW was promoting their album STRANGER END OF DEATH. That band's take on death metal and old school thrash stood out by a mile or two from much of what gets called metal these days. At the very beginning of the promotion of their new album activity from the band seemed to lag and all of a sudden there was no FORESHADOW. From there AARON ROBINSON took it upon himself to become a little more ambitious with his music and find musicians who were committed to making the words and the motes on the page come to life and the resulting band is BLOOD OF ANGELS - a project that is determined to make heavy metal music and epic thing once again. We can hear and practically see the formation of something big on the band's debut EP RISE OF THE FALLEN GODS and the first single ODIN'S WRATH gives the band that glorious introduction that's going to have folks thinking and feeling that there is a new band out there that will propel heavy metal to the epic height once again.


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