Sunday, January 22, 2017

Michael Hornbuckle - Rockwired Radio Profiles #681

When ROCKWIRED first became aware of the Mile High City blues rocker MICHAEL HORNBUCKLE it was through his brother BRIAN.  Back in 2014, the brothers HORNBUCKLE released a the album VICE AND VIRTUE which celebrated the blues rock know-how that has made them staples within the Denver music scene. Apparently the chance for these siblings to rock out together on a recording happens only once in a blue moon as the two are  often feverishly at work on solo projects. Now we find ourselves acquainted with brother MICHAEL whose blues rock delivery rocks just a little harder on his new solo release SOUL REPO. With the album's first single BABY ROCK, HORNBUCKLE shows he's got the sort of chops that made PAUL RODGERS a big deal in rock and the rest of the album is a fine showcase for a singer-songwriter and  ax-man  who is ready for a little more than regional fame.  

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