Monday, February 13, 2017

District Avenue - Rock Is Red #28

The music industry is full of makeovers. The practice is all too often necessary for that band or artist that needs to prove to the world that they are a brand to be taken seriously. From my own perspective the band formerly known as KICKIN KROTCH was a band I always took seriously due tot heir embrace of the kind of balls-to-the-wall rock n roll onslaught that gets pushed aside for plaintive indie rock or the bragadociousness of today's hip hop. Yes, there was no thinking on our end that these guys lacked sincerity even if the band's moniker sounded like a bad case of epididymitis but what's in a name? Apparently quite a bit if this band of merry Maliseet rockers felt the need to change it and perhaps that was was the smart thing to do in these image conscious times. The new name DISTRICT AVENUE rolls off the tongue effortlessly with out the need to guard your groin area but more importantly this band is back with an exciting new album and an even more exciting single and music video. Their new album EPOCH is a thick slice of active rock heaven recorded at IGUANA STUDIOS and produced by VICTOR BRANCO. The albums first single - the aptly titled REVIVAL - sums up the band's musical agenda - blistering rock n roll with a sense of uplift. And don't get us started on the single's amazing CGI music video painstakingly directed by JAY MARKS. 

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