Sunday, February 26, 2017

Edge of Paradise - Rockwired Radio Profiles #686

THE EDGE OF PARADISE is one of those bands where we can truly say "we knew them when". We've always had a soft spot for this band as they were one of the first bands to make the cover and the contents of the premiere issue of ROCKWIRED MAGAZINE back in May of 2012. Founded by guitarist DAVE BATES, the band made no secret of their desire to go big or go home with their Wagnerian debut album MASK featuring dynamic range and vocal prowess of the band's lead singer MARGARITA MONET. Since that time EDGE OF PARADISE has taken their larger-than-life sound to the internet and the road and lead singer MONET has come into her own as a captivating front woman with vocal know-how and stage presence to spare. Now the band is on the eve of releasing a brand new album titled ALIVE (due out March 10) and it finds these metal torchbearers taking on a more industrial sound as one can hear and feel on their brand new single. Knowing these guys as well as we do we've got a feeling this this bold new direction will pay off big time. 

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