Monday, February 27, 2017

Daphne Willis - Rockwired Radio Profiles #687

The title track of singer-songwriter DAPHNE WILLIS' forthcoming EP FREAK LIKES ME is built on a steady and confident soulful groove and WILLIS' vocal strut above the groove playfully and knowingly. Not only is  this song effortlessly catchy, it  serves as almost a response to the political upheaval that has taken place since you-know-who has assumed the highest of this Nation. It's practically a rallying call for those living on the outskirts who either go unnoticed or don't get noticed enough. Of course this is only a guess on our part. It could mean something else entirely but our interpretation has led us to believe that WILLIS' FREAKS LIKE ME is one of the most satisfying listens that we've come across so far this year. A professional songwriter based in Nashville, there's no doubt that WILLIS knows what it takes to create a song that will stand out but when you combine that sort of know-how with a need to express inner turmoil, then you've really got something and WILLIS has tons to say despite this newest effort being an EP. In addition, the songs DOPAMINE (about a different kind of drug entirely) and the haunting SOMEBODY'S SOMEONE are bound to find that wider audience.

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