Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Signals of Bedlam - Rockwired Radio Profiles #697

With rock n roll already on shaky ground in terms of it's public acceptance, it is strange to see bands such as SIGNALS OF BEDLAM embracing a high-end progressive metal sound. Historically it has always bands that took the direct and in-your-face approach that got people talking about rock n roll again but we at ROCKWIRED have embraced this band's adventurous, musical spirit which is in full force on their brand new release ESCAPING VELOCITY. CHIKA OBIORA on bass and RICH ABIDOR on drums lay down an intoxicating rhythm section while TOM HOY's virtuosity on the six strings elevates the proceedings to dizzying heights. On top of all of the musical know how is vocalist CERO CARTERA whose innate ability to go from bombastic to plaintive can only be attributed to his significant classical training. Just give the haunting vocal track PIECE OF US a listen and you will hear what an arsenal that band has in the way of a vocalist. But let's not put one man above everyone else. SIGNALS OF BEDLAM is a band with some serious musical ambition and in an age where GENE SIMMONS has declared the genre dead, that is really saying something.

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