Thursday, March 9, 2017

Jason Andrew Brown - Rockwired Radio Profiles #689

Indianapolis-based singer-songwriter JASON ANDREW BROWN has just released his self-titled debut EP and it's a fantastic introduction to both the man and the artist but you must understand that this guy comes with one hell of a musical background. His tenure as a solo artist was begun in a coffee shop back in 2014 but before that he proved to be a formidable front man in the band PUSH DOWN & TURN in which he toured the country relentlessly and shared stages with the likes of COUNTING CROWS, BUSH, WIDESPREAD PANIC and THE BO DEANS. The band even had the opportunity to play on the H.O.R.D.E TOUR. When BROWN had gotten his fill of nonstop touring he turned his attention to forming his own band with fellow songwriter JAMES WESTON. That band was SEDNA and they carried on with BROWN int he command seat until 2014 where the fateful decision to do a solo set was made.  JASON ANDREW BROWN - the songwriter and performer both come to life on this shimmering debut EP where BROWN proves that he deft at conveying unbridled joy and abandoned without getting all sugary on the EP's opener SHINE SUN SHINE. At another turn he can paint a sorrowful, moving picture as he does on EMPTINESS IS FOREVER which deals with a friends suicide and on the final track ICARUS he gives us the chill off a lifetime as the song explores the last moments of a man jumping from the World Trade Center on 9/11. 


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