Monday, March 13, 2017

Doc Fell & Co - Rockwired Radio Profiles #691

Modern music is full of self-professed doctors or "docs". But in the case DOCFELL & CO, the title is more than mere clever moniker. You seem the band's front man JOHN FELL is a real doctor - a general practitioner based where Cherokee country meets the Ozark mountains in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Given his locale, it's hardly surprising the he and his band have taken up the pursuit of music which combines the rustic charms of Americana, Country and blues yet manages to sound contemporary as opposed to quaint. The band's latest EP DUST BOWL HEART is fueled by the very emptiness, loneliness and heartache that makes music of this sort resonate. LONESOMEVILLE opens like a depression era country-gospel recording yet finds it's footing as a country stomper that exhibits all of the lyrical characteristics of country music when you play it either forwards or backwards. In our humble opinion THE LESS I KNOW is the sort of thing that ought to be topping the Country music charts instead of whoever is at the top of it now. If you can get a bunch of active rock fans like us rooting for an outfit like DOCFELL & CO, then you've really done something.

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