Monday, May 29, 2017

Frank Migliorelli and The Dirt Nappers - Rockwired Radio Profiles #701

There are all kinds of professions that are keeping the music industry an industry. You've songwriters and  producers and the heads of independent record labels but none of those professions and business models would mean anything without the actual music makers creating the very thing that separates this industry from everything else. Before becoming the owner of  the indie label  RAVE ON RECORDS, FRANK MIGLIORELLI had written and recorded an extensive catalog of music used for advertising agencies, video game projects, children's publications and television. Eventually, MIGLIORELLI made that life altering decision to start writing music for himself  and after listening to FRANK MIGLIORELLI  & THE DIRT NAPPERS latest release BASS, DRUMS, GUITARS AND ORGANS, we are indeed grateful. The straight-ahead production and approach to rock n roll  showcases MIGLIORELLI's strength's as a songwriter in the vein of JOHN HIATT and the band's considerable chops.  The band's rhythm section is comprised of TONY TINO on bass, PHIL CIMINO on drums and ERIC PUENTE on percussion. Rounding out the sound are JEREMY BAUM on organ,  ANDY STACK and DUCAN CLEARLY on guitars, MIKE BOOKER HEAPHY on steel guitar and backing vocals but SHERRYL MARSHAL, STEVE CHIZMADIA and DAN PELLETIER. With such a wide cast of talent, BASS, DRUMS, GUITARS AND ORGANS brings rock n roll back to the days when it truly popped with melodies, hooks and a spirited delivery. Some things never should've gone out of style.  


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