Friday, March 4, 2016

Rockwired Radio Profiles #625 - Jack The Radio

Being a Southwest-based publication we found it curious that a recording filled with numerous rustic, wild west motifs was recorded by a band based in North Carolina. JACK THE RADIO takes Americana music to a whole other level on their newest album BADLANDS - the band's first CD in three years. In speaking with vocalist and guitarist GEORGE HAGE and bassist CHRIS SAYLES it was clear to us that sci-fi Spaghetti Westerns inspired the songwriting here and one can hear such influence on tracks such as THE RUNAWAY, BAD MAN and THE HILLS. BAD MAN maybe the only track there released as a single but HILLS and THE RUNAWAY leave strong and haunting impressions. The band's GRAM PARSONS -meets- BLUE OYSTER CULT formula has earned them some rather glowing recognition from such publications as the INDEPENDENT WEEKLY, THE  VINYL DISTRICT and AIDING & ABETTING which refers to them as an "...acid-rock version of THE EAGLES." The packaging and release of the album has us particularly excited in that BADLANDS is available both electronically and through vinyl. BADLANDS is just the sort of album that you want to hear on a turntable while reading the lyric sheet and taking in the artwork vibrantly illustrated by DAVID PAUL SEYMOUR. Alt-country has never been more alternative.

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