Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Rockwired Radio Profiles #627 - Todd Apfel

Sure we could call the EP REFLECTIONS a debut recording for singer songwriter TODD APFEL but the recording is more than that. It is in fact a return to music making for APFEL who first had a taste of the rock n roll life when he had formed a "hair metal band" at the age of eighteen. That band won second place in some battle of the bands contest but more importantly had the tremendous opportunity of opening for CHEAP TRICK on a leg of one of their tours. Normally one would expect a rock career either great or small to have emerged from such a billing but the hard scrabble rock n roll life was dropped in favor of the pursuit of a business degree and a corporate career which came to an end in the early 2000's when the internet cut into the profits of his print-based business. After opening a bowling alley and then getting a divorce in which his ex-wife took the bowling alley APFEL settled in a small Iowa town called Vining which boasts a population of 50. While in correspondence with his friend CHRIS CAFFERY (of TRANS SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA)  he was urged to turn his attentions toward making music again. Slowly but surely APFEL invested in a home studio and began laying down the blueprints for the next leg of his musical journey. REFLECTIONS is the first step on said journey with songs that showcase a world-weariness and sensitivity that only a troubadour who has been there and done that is able to convey but the track HOT SUMMER LOVE shows that APFEL hasn't entirely shaken off the rock n roll. 

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