Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Rockwired Radio Profiles #626 - Jason Whitton

One would think that we were on some sort of alt-country kick at the moment with our recent editions of ROCKWIRED RADIO PROFILES and who could blame us with the music that has been coming our way from the likes of acts such as JACK THE RADIO, SMALL TOWN SOUND and THE MORNING SEA.  However this current edition features an artist from ROCKWIRED's past. Alt-country artist JASON WHITTON was first featured on ROCKWIRED ten years ago with the release of his haunting album THRIFTSTORE COWBOY which boasted some of the moodiest and subdued country rock this side of THE COWBOY JUNKIES. The young singer-songwriter left a strong impression on us that year so his disappearance from the scene was a loss that we felt deeply but it turns out the WHITTON had started a family and within the past decade has released a couple of CDs here and there but this year he is back in a big way with his new album HONEY BUTTER. In a decade where country music seems to have taken claim to the dominance that rock music once enjoyed WHITTON could have a shot at some mainstream recognition with that easygoing charm that made us take notice ten years earlier. Despite the gentility of the material there is enough of an edge here that's not likely to get the guy confused for that dufus who's currently dating GWEN STEFANI. If there's any doubt about WHITTON's musical edge how many country artists do you know that could paraphrase ROB BASE's IT TAKES TWO as he does on the track HEART BROKE? 

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