Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Rockwired Radio Profiles #629 - Beseech

Rarely does  the list of past members of a band bring about a sense of intimidation. The Swedish goth metal band BESEECH has been a revolving door for over twenty years but the whole thing started with guitarists  KLAS BOHLIN and ROBERT VINTERVIND and vocalist JORGEN SJOBERG. For a decade the band enjoyed a tremendous cult following on the strength of their releases ...FROM A BLEEDING HEART (1998), BLACK EMOTIONS (2000) and SOULS HIGHWAY (2002). The last of those releases marked the end of KLAS BOHLIN's tenure with the band which continued one with the albums DRAMA (2004) and SUNLESS DAYS (2005). Now more than ten years after the release of SUNLESS DAYS guitarist and founding member KLAS BOHLIN has stepped things up in more ways than one with the re-emergence of BESEECH as goth metal force in music. KLAS has now stepped into the lead singer role along with ANGELINA SAHLGREN SODER for the band's latest album MY DARKNESS, DARKNESS. On their first release in over ten years the band's knack for exploring all matters dark and light has not lost any of  it's bite and the contrast of KLAS and ANGELINA's voices give this latest step in BESEECH's musical journey an immediacy that is sometimes lacking in much of the drone that gets written off as 'goth'. And returning guitarist ROBERT VINTERVIND and a brand new set of players also keep the proceedings stimulating on tracks such as BEATING PULSE and their stirring cover of the JOHNNY CASH song HIGHWAYMAN.


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