Monday, March 14, 2016

Rock Is Red #18 - Janet Rogers of "NDN's On The Airwaves" Podcast Series

There is no denying that television is a medium where native people are alarmingly underrepresented. Sure you have FNX (FIRST NATIONS EXPERIENCE) Channel but who the hell can find it even with all that they've put down for advertising in glossies. However, one medium where First Nations and American Indian people have made their presence known is radio whether it be through public broadcasting, the private sector or podcasting. Radio has been a  forum for Indian people for more than three-quarters of a century so it's strange that there hasn't been some stuffy article or academic paper on the subject. But thanks to Mohawk writer and producer JANET ROGERS we've got something better. She has produced a seven-part podcast series NDNs ON THE AIRWAVES which examines the history of the relationship between Native people and radio and the role it plays in Native communities throughout the U.S. and Canada and the innovations that have come along in the past few years that could only help in making the voice of Native people even louder. ROGERS developed the programming along with  CFUVfm - the University of Victoria campus radio station - and CRFC RADIO METERS FUND. The episodes of NDNs ON THE AIRWAVES consist of:

#1. Native Radio: What Is It
#2. Indigenous News Makers
#3. Six Nations Artists
#4. The Podcast Show
#5. NWT: Radio North
#6. Indigenous Radio Panel
#7. CFNR fm: Northwest Radio

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