Sunday, March 20, 2016

Rock Is Red #19 - B. of Dakota South Records

When we first met B. OF DAKOTA SOUTH RECORDS two years ago he had just released his twenty song, self titled debut album and what blew our minds about the Yankton Sioux hip hop artist was his knack for thinking big. But then again in the hip hop world thinking big is the only way to be. B is not only an artist but  the CEO of his company DAKOTA SOUTH RECORDS which is home to such artists as TREY DEMI, juQ, BERT MALCOLM, RICO DA DRAMA CITY KID, AVENUE DA STREETZ and NAE NAE. While Rapid City, South Dakota may be the last place that anyone would think of as a hot spot for rap and hip hop, B has managed to make it a domicile to take seriously for future consideration on the strength of his artistry and entrepreneurial acumen. Now said artistry and entrepreneurial spirit have come together on B's eagerly awaited follow up album OHHH! B. Once again B issues a twenty-song compilation featuring state-of-the-art production, guest spots by folks on DAKOTA SOUTH RECORDS' roster and most importantly rhymes that speak to the highs and lows of life. B has his sights firmly set for going straight to the top and if there are any doubts about that they will squashed after hearing the album's first single COME AND GET YOUR LOVE. The homage to the RED BONE classic has "smash" written all over it it's a wonder that no other Native hip hop artist has sampled the tune. We are clearly at the beginning of B's ascent to the hip hop glory and it should be interesting to see where all of this goes a year form now.


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