Monday, March 21, 2016

Rockwired Radio Profiles #631 - Through Fire

Guitarist JUSTIN McCAIN knows all about seeing the rock n roll dream through. Throughout his ten year tenure with the EMPHATIC he had paid the price for a life in rock n roll with blood sweat and tears and the struggles had paid off with some chart action and one hell of a loyal following. While that bands self-titled album and two follow up EPs GOOD BYE GIRL and RIOT 10 didn't make too much of a dent it was their 2011 album DAMAGE that put EMPHATIC on the map with it's two singles BOUNCE and GET PAID. They followed this up with ANOTHER LIFE in 2013 which boasted the single REMEMBER ME. Despite these brushes with success it's important to remember that ten years is a long time and in a time when most marriages don't last ten years it's silly to think that a band could but EMPHATIC put on a brave front despite a revolving door of members. JUSTIN McCAIN proved to be the only constant. In 2015 McCAIN realized that something had to give without dismissing the fan base that had been accrued over the years so he locked himself in the studio, wrote some songs, got a band together and EMPHATIC was re-nicked THROUGH FIRE and the moniker sums up his sense of survival. At the moment it feels like more that a reboot and less than a debut for THROUGH FIRE. According to McCAIN the new album is in the can and will be released in the Summer of 2016 but it's been preceded by the single STRONGER which demonstrates that despite mostly new members that primal instinct for issuing a not-so-subtle rock n roll punch and this time it's served up with an electrifying vocal performance by new front man GRANT KENDRICK. 

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