Thursday, March 10, 2016

Rockwired Radio Profiles #628 - Dead Air Republic

With a tumultuous election year already upon us in the United States a great number of eyes are looking to Canada to see what our neighboring country is all about. Maybe it could be  a place of refuge should a TRUMP presidency become the case. Politics aside ROCKWIRED has enjoyed an appreciation for the rock n roll that comes from the True North Strong and Free from bands such as GHOST TOWN ORCHESTRA, LUKAS ROSSI, CRAWL, SATE, DISTRICT AVENUE and FINGER ELEVEN and now we're happy to be adding DEAD AIR REPUBLIC to that list. Rock n roll is certainly the name of their game and their brand new EP WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE is an in-your-face affair that is destined to attract attention from active rock radio programmers beneath that U.S-Canadian border. The music is simply stomping with some rather layered guitar riff-age brought to you but DAVID MALTAIS and RICH BENT and an imposing rhythm section consisting of bass player BEN BARNES and drummer MIKE DESTROFF. Despite all of the heavy metal thunder lead singer MARC BOURGON gives the chaotic material a touch of humanity in his nuanced vocal performance and crafty lyrical approach. 

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