Sunday, March 20, 2016

Rock Is Red #20 - Arigon Starr - Creator of Super Indian Comics

Super heroes are a bigger business than they have ever been thanks to DC COMICS and MARVEL having set their sights on the silver screen but they all got their start in comic books. I'll have to admit I'm a little out of my area of expertise when it come to the world of comic books but in doing research on Native American superheroes I see that the list is surprisingly long. The only one that I was familiar with was APACHE CHIEF from SUPER FRIENDS. However finding out all of this information doesn't take anything away from ARIGON STARR's (Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma) comic book creation SUPER INDIAN. In fact of all of the Indian super heroes out there SUPER INDIAN might be the only one created by a Native person. STARR began her career  producing cartoons, drawings and artwork for many organizations including NATIVE VOICES AT THE AUTRY, NATIVE VOICE ONE RADIO SERVICE, the legendary rock band QUEEN, WALT DISNEY and the NATIONAL PARK SERVICE. She also boasts a background in theater and playwriting. The initial idea for SUPER INDIAN came when STARR was on a train ride in Australia on her way to an Indigenous Theater workshop. “I’ve always thought our Native community didn’t have enough comic book heroes and most of the ones that were already out there weren’t created or drawn by Native artists or writers” says STARR. SUPER INDIAN first came to national attention when it was turned into a 10 part radio series on NPR. Fueled by the positive reception to the radio series SUPER INDIAN has continued as a weekly webcomic but now STARR has joined forces with WACKY PRODUCTION UNLIMITED's CEO JANET MINER and has formed REZIUM PRODUCTIONS in an effort to bring SUPER INDIAN back to radio and whatever media there is to take advantage of. 


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