Thursday, February 25, 2016

Rockwired Radio Profiles #624 - Anni Piper

When we first became acquainted with Aussie blues mama ANNI PIPER back in the summer of 2013 she had just cut an album that she had recorded alongside another female blues artist and was on the verge of going on a tour that would take her through much of the United States. Almost three years later PIPER is now a citizen of the United States and married and living a good life in the State of Florida but what's important to us is that she has released a brand new album MORE GUITARS THAN FRIENDS and this time the bassist and singer steps into the light as a true solo artist having written much of the material herself. With previous recordings PIPER has built an audience with some fine musical know who and a knack for a delivery but with MORE GUITARS THAN FRIENDS - a songwriter has emerged with a voice that is distinctive and soulful. The first single PAPER BAG is a playful blues romp and gives PIPER the chance to growl seductively and sink her teeth into the chorus aimed at empathizing with a guy who's got to screw an ugly chick. The title track of the album sums up the lonely life of a musician on the road and the countrified swing of BLACKBERRY BRANDY has PATSY CLINE written all over it. While she is a few albums into her career MORE GUITARS THAN FRIENDS  feels like a good first impression all over again. 

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