Monday, February 8, 2016

Rockwired Radio Profiles #617 - David M'Ore

Never in my life did I think that the aggressive rock guitar styling of folks like RITCHIE BLACKMORE and JOHNNY WINTER would ever be considered music of a by-gone era but all one needs to do is scan the radio to hear that hard rock is no longer that music of the day. This makes DAVID M'ORE's musical ambitions seem like the story of DAVID AND GOLIATH. It's hard for any artist these days to to stand out among the crowd but but M'ORE manages to do just that with the release of his new, aptly titled album PASSION, SOUL AND FIRE. With his penchant for blues-drenched hard rock and a growling voice  M'ORE's FIRE, SOUL AND PASSION plays like a a slice of life set to music. M'ORE is an Argentinian-born Italian who's musical education stated with the nylon string classical guitar. The dexterity he gained from the instrument has gone on to inform his unique approach to playing rock music.  As a young man he ventured tot he States to form the band BLIND HOLE to great local stardom in Los Angeles in the early nineties. For the past few years he has built a reputation for his electrifying stage show that has left many in awe and FIRE, SOUL AND PASSION has succeeded in capturing the very drive and spirit that has kept this talent going strong all of these years. 


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