Monday, February 8, 2016

Rockwired Radio Profiles #618 - Bad Mary

Toward the end of 2015 BAD MARY made a huge impression on us with the release of their EP KILLING DINOSAURS due to their embrace of the spirit and energy of the punk scene that had exploded in their hometown of New York City forty years ago.  In a time when you have young hipsters wearing CBGBs tee-shirts without even knowing what the fuck it means BAD MARY is issuing the very primal sound that was responsible for one of the last great music movements of this great U.S. of A and KILLING DINOSAURS captured the feverish, frenetic abandon that the band has created on live stages throughout New York City and beyond. Now the band has released their follow up EP WE COULD HAVE SAVED THE WORLD and the band positively cracks on such RAMONES inspired rockers such as CREEPER and MARZ ATTAQX with singer AMANDA MAC channeling DEBORAH HARRY of BLONDIE from the PLASTIC LETTERS days. Needless to say, the package is an intriguing one.  Hopefully it's the first sign that the lumberjack beard-sporting, skinny jean-wearing sensibility that has come to typify what we call "indie" is on it's way out.

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