Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Rockwired Radio Profiles #622 - Small Town Sound

Just going by the name of the town, one can hear that Minco, Oklahoma is a million miles away from Nashville, Los Angeles or New York but that hasn't stopped a band like SMALL TOWN SOUND from grabbing the ears of music fans as far away as Europe and music industry professionals with the release of their brand new EP FOR MAMA. How do we begin to describe the band's sound? It's definitely American. It walks that fine line between old time rock n roll and some of the more celebratory, stomping country music that is all the rage these days. At the heart of all off this are songs that speak to the everyday joys and hardships that come with the territory of making a living and coming home to that loved one and being yourself. The band is a dedicated group of guys who know how to come at a song from the ground up while front man TUFFY CASTEEL gives the proceedings the warmth and personality that it deserves with that delivery of his that will bring back a memory or two of MATCHBOX TWENTY's ROB THOMAS. However there are two  ingredients that set SMALL TOWN SOUND apart from that seminal late-nineties/early-aughts pop rock band - playfulness and spunk. The opening track WHISKEY opens deceptively as a downbeat tale of drinking an old love out of one's mind but the songs turns into a rocker two thirds of the way and the sorrowful sentiment turns celebratory in tone. RACING TO YOU is amid tempo roots rocker driven but by a never ending, soulful harmonica and a chorus that reminds us that "There's a party going on tonight!" The track recalls the blue-collar bliss that JOHN MELLENCAMP was able to convey perfectly in his music. HARDER TIMES is country-tinged rock ballad about holding onto dreams of better days as work and romance are on shaky ground. We're catching a new talent at the very beginning. Not only can we say that we knew SMALL TOWN SOUND when, we can also say that we enjoyed the ride that is their debut EP. 

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