Sunday, February 14, 2016

Rockwired Radio Profiles #620 - The Morning Sea

Americana is a music form that we've never been able to shake off here at ROCKWIRED. There is something enticing about taking the raw and melodic approach to rock n roll which tends to go out of it's way to make Country and Folk music listeners feel right at home. THE MORNING SEA is a gloriously named New York City band which is the latest to take on this musical tradition and give it a whole new twist and name. Front man ADAM COHEN has dubbed his band's sound as "Gotham Americana" which perfectly sums up the bands rustic musical tendency with their oh-so New York City sensibility. And we love the description because it sounds like something out of THE DARK KNIGHT. THE MORNING SEA was a band formed accidentally when singer-songwriter ADAM COHEN went into the studio and formed alliances with some pretty savvy players and studio engineers. Eventually they came up with the name THE MORNING SEA and took their act on the road. Of course they had some stellar material to show off with their debut recording STRANGE CAPTIVE. Now the band have released MAL DE MER and the band and Mr. COHEN are able to deliver a collection of songs that navigate the entire spectrum of emotions much in the same vein as NICK CAVE AND THE BAD SEEDS have dome album after album. 

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