Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Rockwired Radio Profiles #547 - Piqued Jacks

We first became acquainted with PIQUED JACKS in the middle of 2014 when they had released their two singles UPTURNED PERSPECTIVES and NO BAZOOKA. As you can glean from the titles of these tracks the band had a little something different to offer from the rest of the current indie rock fair. Adding to their differentiation was the fact that they were strangers in a strange land. Hailing from Tuscany, Italy the band sought out  a strange sort of haven in Austin, Texas  where the band's slightly left of center approach has earned them a nice little following in that town. So when we received news of the band's new EP CLIMB LIKE IVY DOES we were surprised tohear that they had gone back to Italy to record this album. CLIMB LIKE IVY DOES is a seven song EP with some epic and transcendant moments such as the slamming opening track REIGN OF CLOUDS, the insistent SHYEST KINDRED SPIRIT and the EP's true gem HOME IS FOREVER - a track teaming with more passion and yearning than that album U2 wanted to inflict iTUNES users with sometime last year. Tuscany Italy and Austin Texas are getting way too small for these lads.


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