Sunday, January 18, 2015

Rockwired Radio Profiles #523 - Thornes

When I checked out THE LINDA PERRY PROJECT On VH1 I remember the highly sought after songwriter and producer posing the question "Aren't we tired of the girl singer with the soft whispering voice?" This was the first time I had ever heard the question posed from a music mogul and had me shouting out loud "YES!"  I first became acquainted with the New York City band THORNES and their dynamic front woman and namesake ANTOINETTE THORNES in 2012 when the band released the album ISSUES - an album which eschewed the sugar and spice approach favored by pop music these days and went guns blazing with LED ZEPPELIN-styled guitars and ANTOINETTE's own revelrous growl on such tracks as DETROIT HUSTLE and the scathing indictment on warfare and the mistreatment of young soldiers FALLING DOWN.  With strong material and an equally strong stage presence THORNES has made a a strong impression on the rock scene in New York City and are currently getting songs together for  series of single releases. In the meantime we have the song MARY - a raucous rocker showcasing guitarist ABEL GARCIA's JIMMY PAGE-styled  axmanship and ANOTOINETTE's signature wail.

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