Saturday, January 17, 2015

Rockwired Radio Profiles #528 - RxGF

In an indie world where most bands find their sound and stick to it without much imagination, one that can open our ears to some inspired sonic evolution is a beautiful thing. In the case of Seattle bred, internationally bound RxGF - a revamping of the group's original crafty moniker RADIOACTIVE X GIRLFRIEND, reflective of their new sound - producers and multi-instrumentalists JOHN MORGAN REILLY and JONATHAN PLUM chiseled the rock vibe out of their system on their first two popular albums. REILLY then made the discovery of a lifetime in young, multi-talented vocalist ANGELINE SCHAAF, whose mix of ethereal beauty and raw emotion (which REILLY compares to a young JIM MORRISON) adds depth and dimension to the group's new hybrid sound. Their latest project, the ambitious and texturally rich ANY OTHER WAY, blends Dark Wave with crossover elements of industrial techno, trip hop and what they dub "various transcendental impulses of the sublime."

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