Saturday, January 17, 2015

Rockwired Radio Profiles #531 - Random Dander

With Pat Benatar/Janis Joplinesque female vocalist JACKIE LEE stepping up to become their full time lead singer, RANDOM DANDER takes the vibe of their debut album FIRST DELIVERY (which featured a male lead singer) to an explosive new level, creating something of a religious musical experience on their new eight song collection SECOND CUMING. The title is a sly reference to their Jesus lookalike bassist LUKE KOKOSZKA (aka "FUNKY GEEZ"), whose tight and propulsive pocket groove with drummer OKE CHORNICK's drive sets the wild pace. Truly a "cuming out" party for the infectious new sound of the band, the album was produced by LA CHINGA/SPITFIRES drummer JASON SOLYUM. Key tracks include the blazingly fast, ironically titled SMOOTH MOVES, whose witty lyrics (by JACKIE) were inspired by the image of a broken wood carved SYLVESTER and TWEETY windmill, running only on one leg; the hard-chugging, distorted guitar driven MANNA STACHE, whose offbeat title comes from reading a band's name upside down; and the majestic rocker HOW YA GONNA, about people who blame everyone for their own problems while pretending to be in control of their lives.

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