Sunday, January 18, 2015

Rockwired Radio Profiles #519 - Jane Badler

JANE BADLER's place in television history is safe and secured thanks to her unforgettable role as the evil seductress who led an reptilian-alien invasion of the planet Earth in the mini-series turned-television series V back in the early eighties. The scene of her swallowing a guinea pig whole is right up there with that goblin on the wing of the airplane that a shell shocked WILLIAM SHATNER just so happened to be a passenger on in the TWILIGHT ZONE. But these days, BADLER's life isn't about getting lost in long gone sci-fi glory. Since the late aughts she has embarked on a musical career that has become known for  BOWIE-esque musical changes with every new release. And ROCKWIRED can proudly say that we were there from the beginning when the American expatriate (now based in Melbourne Australia) released her debut CD THE DEVIL HAS MY DOUBLE which boasted an eerie minimalist cabaret sound. She followed that album with TEARS AGAIN - a more exuberant release punctuated by orchestral touches and BADLER's willingness to take risks with her vocals (recalling DEBORAH HARRY of BLONDIE). Now BADLER truly comes centerstage as both a vocalist and a songwriter with her new album OPUS and the album is her most adventurous to date. From the wistful pop of VOLCANO BOY to the sensual pulse of LOSING YOU and the scratchy electro-punk of  FAME the title OPUS is truly deserved here. Way to go JANE!!!


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