Friday, January 16, 2015

Rockwired Radio Profiles #535 - Rhett May

The E.P. has a way of cutting to the chase and giving a listener a bite-sized taste of what an artist has to offer. The artist gets to show off what they got and listener can enjoy with a spending as much as he or she would if it were an LP.  My problem with INSATIABLE - the new EP from Australian rocker RHETT MAY is that the music is adventurous as all get out and by the conclusion you are are left wanting more.  Perhaps the broad range of MAY's musical palette stems from being born and raised in Calcutta and attending boarding school inthe Himalayan foothills at a time when rock n roll giants like THE BEATLES, THE STONES , CREAM and JIMI HENDRIX were laying down the sound for a generation.  And you can hear  that influence on such tracks as the grooving psychedelia of COCKTAILS AND CANNIBIS,  the jovial HELP-era BEATLES-styled romp JENNY and the moody acoustic ballad that serves as the title track.


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