Friday, January 16, 2015

Rockwired Radio Profiles #544 - One-Way Mirror

There is a first time for everything. ONE WAY MIRROR is the first metal band that we've ever profiled here at ROCKWIRED to hail from France. In 2008 the band issued their American debut with the assist of METAL BLADE RECORDS. Now the band is back with their new album CAPTURE on the PAVEMENT ENTERTAINMENT label  and the band's metal sound this time around is tempered by a melodic rock approach that should have no difficulty finding it's way onto active rock radio playlists.  Tracks such as STINKIN' OF GOLD, NEGLECTED SKIES and THE CLOCK IS TICKING  are further proof that this time around  ONE WAY MIRROR  is a force that will be reckoned with  for some years to come. 

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