Friday, January 23, 2015

Rockwired Radio Profiles #545 - Foreshadow

FORESHADOW, a musical group that blends the core genres of death metal, black metal, old school thrash metal, to create their own, unique sound, has begun to deliver a plethora of lyrical and melodic genius to the world. Foretelling the turn of this generations appreciation of raw music and solid performances. Reigning from their infamous hometown of Tampa, Florida. FORESHADOW uses their vocal and instrumental influences to comment heavily upon the lies that have enveloped as truth amongst the general population. Influenced by such artists who include SLAYER, LAMB OF GOD, NILE, and PANTERA, FORESHADOW has completed their second release, a studio EP, THE STRANGER END OF DEATH. The album has been released to fans and fellow listeners independently, and delivers the group's ideas and collective beliefs that are saturated in a sense of self empowerment and individuality. 


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