Wednesday, November 2, 2016

When The Clock Strikes - Rockwired Radio Profiles #668

The marriage of punk and pop has often made for a potent blend of music - one that we don't hear too often these days unless you happen to catch an old BLINK 182 song on the radio spun for some retro purpose. Giving the dearth of punk music on the market it is safe to assume that the ground is right enough for a band like WHEN THE CLOCK STRIKES to come in and make the form respectable again on the strength of their new EP THE BETTER FRIENDS. Based in Oklahoma, DANIEL BASDEN (bass), STEVEN WALKER (guitar) and BLAKE WESTERBY (drums) have formidable opposition when it comes getting on stage in a market where cover bands and country bands rule the roost. But worry not for these punk rock troubadours. They've got us by the ear with such tracks as TOO MANY COOKS, the slamming title track and FAIR WEATHER and if it takes people getting comfortable with the band through their cover NO DOUBT's SPIDERWEBS so be it. It's all coming from the right place.


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