Monday, November 28, 2016

City Of The Weak - Rockwired Radio Profiles #673

Readers may not share in our nervousness and apprehension in what a TRUMP presidency has to offer and that's fine but this is where we're at as a publication right now. The number of things that have us excited these days a minimal outside of the release of ROGUE ONE - A STAR WARS STORY and new music from one of our favorite bands in the past couple of years - CITY OF THE WEAK. Fronted by the enigmatic and most-definitely-photogenic front woman STEF WITH AN F, CITY OF THE WEAK is a band that has stood out form the crowd with their not-so-subtle approach to a brand of pop rock that one finds themselves banging their heads.  The band set the public up for some pleasant surprises with the release of their 2014 EP DISCLOSURE which had yielded the singles WHITE FIRE ALARM, JUST ANOTHER EULOGY and THE BLAME GAME (all packaged lovingly with some top notch music videos proudly displaying Ms. WITH AN F's undeniable charisma and star power). In the spring of 2017 STEF and the boys will be releasing their first ever LP. Preceding this release is another anthemic stomper CENSOR THIS with a music video that winks  at the electoral process  that is coming into question. Seriously, we're not trying to make this political. 2017 is going to be huge year for CITY OF THE WEAK. All you've got to do is give CENSOR THIS a listen and realize this band has the pop smarts to make rock n roll great again. 

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