Thursday, November 10, 2016

Tim Houlihan - Rockwired Radio Profiles #672

Given ROCKWIRED's penchant for the heavy stuff in terms of music and in light of the all that has happened with this country's electorate in the past couple of days, it feels good when we get a chance to turn down the volume and easy into something as satisfying at singer songwriter TIM HOULIHAN's newest album ANOTHER ORION. HOULIHAN's heartfelt Americana approach is given some extra gravitas thanks to KEVIN BOWE's ace production but the songs are where its at on this catalog of material that speaks eloquently on life and love and all of the whimsy that is attached to it. The opening track and first single I GET LONESOME TOO is a plucky number filled with instrumental charms here and there. It could almost be a country radio hit (not that we have a true grasp of what was popular in country today, but we'd rather hear this than anything from BLAKE SHELTON). On SOMEBODY TALK TO JESUS, HOULIHAN gets political and in this post election haze the song probably has more resonance than ever.

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