Tuesday, November 8, 2016

VYCES - Rockwired Radio Profiles #669

Rock n roll is a driving force that will not be denied. Just ask front man and guitarist DAVE NARUSZEWICZ. After making his musical presence known with the band HEART-SET SELF DESTRUCT and their two LP's, NARUSZEWICZ felt it was time to move on and chase that musical muse that could potentially lead to a wider audience and even wider appeal. After not finding what he was looking for in his native Chicago music scene he went to Los Angeles and reached out to drummer RUSSELL RAY formerly of OLD FASHIONED BEATDOWN. Along with former OLD FASHIONED BEATDOWN guitarist SHAWN PATTERSON, the three began to lay down the foundation of what would form the potent sound of VYCES. Eventually the band filled out to include MARK JAMES KLEPASKI on bass and EVAN SEIDLITZ to round out the band's hard edged sound on keyboards and synths. Tons of songs have been written by this unit which explore the darker side of human emotions and now an unsuspecting public is getting it's first taste of all that this band has to offer with the bands debut EP DEVILS. The guitar-driven, aggressive approach of the band is balanced the SEIDLITZ's nuanced approach to the keyboards making this first offering from VYCCES something to pay attention to. 


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