Monday, October 24, 2016

One Way Ride - Rockwired Radio Profiles #667

What's made us nervous about this whole "indie" rock business is it's need to go the acoustic path and throw in an accordion and foot stomping and hand clapping in lieu of drums. We don't understand the apprehension that exists within the scene to crank up the guitars or to find a fellow to get behind a drum kit and neither do the guys and gal from ONE WAY RIDE. The Colorado-based band has eschewed the very delicate sensibility of much of what indie rock has to offer these days in favor of a heavy guitar sound, heavy percussion and a soulful groove and listeners can hear this in abundance on the band's debut album PUT ME ON.  Chemistry is everything when it comes to keeping a band together and the line up for ONE WAY RIDE almost seems feels as if it were written in the stars. It goes all the way back the time that lead singer LYLE WORK and guitarist MARVIN BRAKES got onstage and performed a rough rendition of SWEET CHILD O' MINE for a high school talent show. PUT ME ON is a satisfying listen punctuated by such bombastic moments as the unrelenting groove rockers DEVIL EYES and LIE TO ME and the epic ballad WAITING.


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