Monday, October 24, 2016

Peach & The Almost Blues Band - Rockwired Radio Profiles #666

Ten years ago, when ROCKWIRED.COM was in it's infancy, blues artist PEACH made one hell of an impression upon us with the release of her album THE REAL THING. Any woman who picks up an electric guitar is cool with us and this was the case with PEACH who not only knew her way around the six string but could also navigate her way around matters of the heart on that fine debut recording featuring well crafted and well played songs plus a guest appearance by the legendary TAJ MAHAL. THE REAL THING went on to earn PEACH some serious accolades (not to mention the first ever ROCKWIRED READER'S POLL AWARD for BEST FEMALE ARTIST back in 2006) and one would've believed that this was one hell of a starting point for an artist. Unfortunately, THE REAL THING was the only offering from PEACH for many years, until now. PEACH has found her muse and "the performer" that was always inside of her in Copenhagen of all places as well as a band of merry men known as THE ALMOST BLUES BAND. The two forces have come together for an intimate and raw live recording entitled A NIGHT IN COPENHAGEN. The singer and guitarist is at the top of her game with her heartfelt performances of both her original material and some choice covers (with the stand out being LOVE-ITIS). PEACH's power as a live performer can not be denied. We can't wait to see this blues treasure return to recording in a bigger way. 

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