Saturday, June 27, 2015

Rockwired Radio Profiles #580 - Wonky Tonk

When we spoke with  singer songwriter  JASMINE POOLE -who goes by the moniker WONKY TONK - regarding her debut album STUFF WE LEAVE BEHIND she made it clear to me that the album was in drydock for six years before it's recent release to the public.  The old saying about having your whole life to make your first album and six months to make your second seemed to apply here as well but given the plaintive production, shimmering melodies and the plucky delivery and songwriting to be heard on this heartfelt debut it is plain to see that time and effort were all worth it.  the country bluegrass approach shows hints of a definite punk influence and while the songs address feelings of  loss and longing don't expect to be  brought down by the proceedings. Expect to enjoy and offering from a new talent in American music who could give LUCINDA WILLIAMS a run for her money.   


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