Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Rockwired Radio Profiles #578 - Corners of Sanctuary

You always hear that metal music is a long gone genre but for years we at ROCKWIRED have known differently. Back in 2010 the band CORNERS OF SANCTUARY was formed primarily out of the remains of the band SEEKER. Members of that band which included drummer SEAN NELLIGAN, bassist MIKE PERA and guitarist MICK MICHAELS definitely felt that there was more territory to mine a metal troubadours and with the assist of vocalist FRANKIE CROSS the band SANCTUARY was formed. Their sound is most defintely rooted in metal's glorious and thunderous past yet is firmly entrenched in what is going on in today's music world. Nowhere is there more evidence of this than the band's 2014 album AXE TO GRIND - a headbangingly joyous catalog of songs that prove that there ain't no school like the old school. And now we hear that the band isn't far from releasing a new album titled METAL MACHINE.  


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