Monday, June 22, 2015

Rockwired Radio Profiles #577 - Patrick Ames

In creating OAKVILLE ONTOLOGY, his critically acclaimed 2014 recording one musician friend called the "Best 70’s Album in 40 Years," singer-songwriter PATRICK AMES first played its songs out in the lush vineyards he’s owned for 20 years in Napa, California - as if each vine was an audience member. Since releasing that retro meets contemporary album the folk/rock Americana singer/songwriter secured a regular Tuesday residency at the FREE WHEEL BREWING COMPANY in the Bay Area's Redwood City, an opportunity that helped him shed and develop the five diverse tracks on his five track follow-up EP MUTUALLY. While all the tracks of his previous CD reflected a deep contemplation of the nature of being and existence geared towards the issues of the day, this time, he liberates himself to complement his "protest songs" and "social commentary with a beat" with simpler love songs and party tunes. The track on MUTUALLY that is bound to stir the conscience is YOU HAVE TO WAIT A LITTLE LONGER. Once the words take hold, they sear the heart with a biting look at all the problems we’re facing as a society - hunger, homelessness, global warming, overpopulation, topical freak-outs like the recent Ebola scare. AMES says it all about the hopeless wheel we seem to be on when he reflects: "We wag our fingers at our own uncertainty/Then we elect the same politicians/And they form more committees…you’ll have to wait a little longer." The singer gets into some solutions on the sparse acoustic reflection AMERICA NEEDS: "no more hatred, just policy/no more ideologies…green valleys, mountains and trees…abandoned children to be seen." 


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