Sunday, June 7, 2015

Rockwired Radio Profiles #572 - Downfall 2012

One can only imagine the ups and downs that plague a band that has been around for twenty years. With that being said we've become acquainted with DOWNFALL 2012 at a rather exciting juncture in their career. The band captured the hearts and the imaginations of listeners with the release of their two-part saga release EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF VOL. I and II and the accompanying graphic novels. Yes this is band that goes big with their releases and that sense of spectacle also makes it into their electrifying live set which borders on rock n roll and performance art. However in 2014 personal issues plagued the band but with a little time away from each other the band is now focused on completing the EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF saga as well as material for a brand spanking new release. 

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