Monday, June 15, 2015

Rockwired Radio Profiles #575 - Girlschool

For as long there has been rock n roll there has always been a fascination with the phenomenon of the all-female rock band. Whether or not the music is good or not -and most times it is - the public has a thirst for hearing about cat fights and break ups a'la THE RUNAWAYS or THE GO-GOS.  However, the all-female UK metal band GIRLSCHOOL has managed to make music their business as opposed to tabloid gossip for 37 years now after emerging from the very same metal scene that gave birth to MOTORHEAD. The band's brand of punk-tinted metal has earned them a devoted cult following on the strength of such gritty, classic recordings as the albums DEMOLITION (1980), HIT AND RUN (1981) and SCREAMING BLUE MURDER (1982). Byt eh 1990's and the early 2000's the band's out put of recorded material had diminished but  their love for the road did not. The band has played on almost every stage nad ever rock festival throughout the world but now the band is set to release their newest album GUILTY AS SIN showcasing the punchy brand of rock n roll that has made the band a phenomenon - namely on their stomping cover of the BEE-GEES' STAYIN ALIVE. Although original lead guitarist KELLY JOHNSON passed away from cancer in 2007 the other original members KIM McAULIFFE, ENID WILLIAMS and DENISE DUFORT  have stayed the course  along with new lead guitarist JACKIE CHAMBERS and did what all great rock n roll does - survive. 

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