Thursday, April 2, 2015

Rockwired Radio Profiles #560 - Seek Irony

Rock n roll is full of brother acts but we haven't heard one quite like SEEK IRONY before. Founded by vocalist and guitarist KFIR GOV and his brother  ROM on drums SEEK IRONY got it's start as your basic four-to-the-floor rock band  but eventually the two became enraptured by the throbbing pulse of EDM. After some success in their native Israel, the brothers GOV set their sights on the States - specifically Austin, Texas - where their notoriety and their electronic rock alchemy has continued to evolve. That evolution can be heard on the band's latest release TECH N ROLL and the name cleverly says it all. However nothing is more clever than the music which flawlessly combines the grit of rock n roll with the  pulsating rhythm of electronica.  Nowhere on the album does this sonic mixture com together more seamlessly than on the lead single DEVIL IN ME.  

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