Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Rockwired Radio Profiles #563 - Paula Tozer

When we first became acquainted with singer-songwriter PAULA TOZER in 2014 she was relatively new to the process of songwriting but that didn't stop her from releasing her stellar debut EP BLUE MUSE. Despite the brevity of that set the musical range that was spanned in that finite number of songs was tremendous - from the celtic elegance of a song like FIDDLE PLAYERS LOVE to an epic hard rock stomper like WINTERSLEEP. Now TOZER has returned with her three-song follow up EP CAIN'S REGRET where she explores darker themes such as regret (namely the EP's moody title track) and the price that one pays for getting what they truly want (PERDITION'S TOLL). Offering assistance this time around in the songwriting department is co-writer CHRIS MERCER.  With producer DON CHAPMAN behind the recording console CAIN'S REGRET is another fine addition to PAULA TOZER's ever-growing catalog of music that walks the line between ethereal and down right earthy.   

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