Monday, April 27, 2015

Rockwired Radio Profiles #566 - Kicking Harold

KICKING HAROLD are modern rock alchemists, and the operative word is "modern" - they synthesize hard rock, alternative, metal and dance-pop elements, and generate radio gold. Their new album - RED LIGHT DISTRICT - offers the perfect balance of classic and contemporary - the big riffs and dancier elements of new jacks like YOUNG THE GIANT and SHINY TOY GUNS, meshed with the melodic thunder of ageless grunge heroes like FOO FIGHTERS and STONE TEMPLE PILOTS. New album boasts 12 expertly-sequenced potential singles poised to erupt on multiple platforms. And every slugger in this murderers' row boasts a home run hook, from the supercharged strut of lead off track AMERICAN NITRO  to the passionate entreaty of the newly-resuscitated KILL YOU.

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