Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Rockwired Radio Profiles #567 - Kelakos

How many times do you go onto YOUTUBE to watch a  music video from a classic artist only to read one comment after the other basically stating that music sucks now and that back in the good old days  it was all about the music? You see it all the time and sometimes it takes a true blast from the past to agree with these oh so faceless, amateur social critics. KELAKOS was a pop rock band from the the mid to late seventies  that for this reason or that reason didn't reach the heights  of other seventies rockers that you might hear on constant rotation on this or that classic rock station. Recorded in an age when music making was indeed all about music  KELAKOS boasted a sound that  combined the expansiveness of THE BEATLES during their SGT. PEPPER era and the musicality of TODD RUNDGREN. Forty years later when musicality has seemingly been replaced by jiggling rear ends and pop psychological heartache, the decision was made to release the music of KELAKOS in a 15-song collection called UNCORKED: RARE TRACKS FROM A VINTAGE 70'S BAND - and we must say it was a  damned good decision. 

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